Melanie Mc Donald, artist from Cornwall U.K.

I am a contemporary British artist originally from Newquay, Cornwall U.K. Today I am based in Brittany, France.

I have lived in Newquay, Penzance and Falmouth in Cornwall and had my own art gallery for several years in Truro, Cornwall. Over the last few years I have travelled frequently across the Channel from Cornwall to Brittany and eventually fulfilled my ambition to move here in Dec 07..

Paintings of Cornwall Cornish Art Cornwall by Melanie McDonald
Rock, Cornwall - early morning walk along the pale sand

Paintings of Polzeath, Rock and Padstow, Cornwall, UK.

I gain much of my inspiration from the Cornish landscape - in particular beaches and the sea in Cornwall. I especially love North Cornwall; my paintings often focus on Padstow, Polzeath Beach and Rock. Each time I visit Cornwall, I’m always drawn to the north coast for ideas for more paintings. The Camel Estuary and Daymer Bay near Padstow in Cornwall are also continuing reference points.

Paintings of Cornwall Cornish Art Cornwall by Melanie McDonald
Atlantic Breakers at Polzeath, Cornwall

Surfer Paintings of Cornwall U.K.

I used to live next to Fistral Beach in Newquay, Cornwall, and walked my dog there everyday. I began to get very interested in the surfers and the shapes of their surfboards against the background of sea and sky. Over the last 2 years, I have painted a series of surfer paintings and they are a continuing passion of mine.

Paintings of Cornwall Cornish Art Cornwall by Melanie McDonald
Starry, Starry Night, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Paintings of Scotland.

Recently I visited the West Highlands of Scotland and the Isle of Skye with my husband who is originally from Glasgow. After visiting Scotland earlier this year, I have produced a collection of paintings of Isle of Skye, Arisaig and the West Coast of Scotland. I adore Scotland, so much so that I named my daughter Skye! I plan to revisit the West Highlands of Scotland and Outer Hebrides and continue painting landscapes inspired by Scotland over the next few years.

Fine Art - Paintings of Cornwall, Scotland and Brittany.

I hope my paintings have the power to suggest the experience of walking on the beach, surfing, or spending time with family. I would like you to feel almost as if you can enter the painting and be transported to that place. I use an evocative, delicate balance of colours with surprising textures. I'm often attracted to shimmering light, silhouetted figures and distinctive shapes such as surfboards. There is often an expanded sense of space in the paintings, particularly the beach paintings, reflecting the infinite horizon and endless sky of Cornwall and Scotland. I use the paint in a fluid, watery flow to depict water.

I love walking on the beach and watching the colours of the sea and sky change. I take hundreds of photographs of Cornish beachscapes and seascapes. Then I translate the images I've seen through my camera lens; these are a starting point but instinct soon takes over and I am painting from memory. I try to capture the texture, colour and form of the beach scene using layers of colour and varied brushwork. I think many of the paintings have a haunting, ambiguous quality. I often feel that my paintings hover between representational landscape paintings and abstract paintings.

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Prints of Cornwall U.K.

I have produced a selection of high quality prints of Cornwall which are available framed and unframed. Please see the prints of Cornwall section.

Paintings of Cornwall Cornish Art Cornwall by Melanie McDonald
Bright Day at Polzeath, Cornwall


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